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There has been some talk of Scorpios potentially being zombies. This is quite untrue! They are obviously demons


Yes! I need a friend like this one who isnt a sucker fish to their boyfriends hip

What a flick. 

Read your body one more time. You might be shocked at what you find. Somebody thinks you’re perfect, you know.


Touche of the Day: Philosoraptor on NSA Domestic Spying Scandal


the urge to drive five hours to you
is always stronger than it is to write about you,

and the way you are the first one to really see me,
and the way you make me feel when you tell me that I am
and the way your eyes light up when you smile,
and the way I am finding your heart to be home
and your ribs to be the place I take shelter
and the way you never cease to find me, miles and miles away

but you are miles, and miles away
and writing about you is easier


- it’s been three weeks and six days, and I miss you (via amandaspoetry)

29/4/13 - 17:53


it’s sunday morning, barely
and i hate what i remember, even more what i can’t
fearing the worst as my feet touch the carpet
grating my skin with a knowing look,
reminding me of regrets i’d rather forget
with the clouds fogging up an already sore head,
forcing me to reach out for something - whether it be a glass of water or a hand
skidding across the platform only to watch the train slide away, smirking
taking what’s good and leaving the bad with me while i wait


Behind closed eyes, I seek you;
consuming the darkness, step by step
until all that remains is your light
in the hour of the dead.
And though I may not see
I will know your touch,
the warmth that shrouds my skin,
permeates my bones and folds into me
with married breath and singular pulse.
And here is where I’ll hold you
until reality breaches the night sky
and I awaken, cold and alone
hugging the space your absence left.